LiK, the easiest platform to DIY

LiK Vietnam aims to provide the easiest platform to create products yourself. Our goal is to provide the best eco-friendly wooden material to inspire play and creative design for useful products for your home and the community.


LiK Vietnam is a way to help appreciate simplicity, craft work and creativity for a sustainable living. By building something yourself, you will enjoy working as a designer, craftsman and an engineer at the same time.


LiK Vietnam is committed to bring together a community that has kindness as a core value; connecting and inspiring families, friends, colleagues, neighbors and school friends or teachers through play and assembly of creative wood products.


LiK is a collection of eco-sustainable wooden blocks to bring people together whilst create objects.


  • DIY lovers: LiK provides you an innovative and easy way to DIY. You only need a hammer, nails and glue. No experience in woodworking projects is required to start assembling with LiK. It's suitable for all the skill levels, from beginners to the most experienced DIY enthusiasts. Get inspired by checking Design by LiK, Facebook group or Instagram profile.
  • Parents: LiK is a playful way to connect and play with your kids. You can learn from your children by looking at how they play and to interact to create a new world of stories and games.
  • Children: Kids are not only our future but our present as well. What they will learn today will be implemented tomorrow. LiK wants to teach our children the importance of understanding and respect the environment. The balance in between the society and our environment. We offer an exciting, creative opportunity by playing with wooden blocks where children will gain hands-on skills and confidence and make their ideas a reality.
  • Professionals: All arts and design professionals: carpenters, furniture designers and craftsmen, environmental and interior designers, architects and artists have a new, creative and sustainable tool to develop more projects and ideas.
  • LiK is for everyone who loves to design or who need a useful object or for everyone who wants to play with new ideas to style their home. LiK is a new way to get affordable, creative and beautiful objects in a sustainable way.
Designer and artistsKids playing with LiKHome design

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