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Discover our games for kids Let your children play and have fun, learn and develop valuable motor skills at the same time.

LiK offers a collection of different games for different age groups and are completely free. Check it out and start playing with our LiK wooden blocks.

This is a set of 200 LIK eco wooden blocks in 2 different sizes finishing with non-toxic varnish (EU/USA standard). The bag also includes a 32 pages LiK Catalogue and Blu-Tack to connect the blocks, all in a lovely 100% zipped eco-Cotton Bag.

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Set of 80 LiK eco wooden blocks (2 different sizes: 40 LiK2C 11x2x1 cm and  40 LiK 2D: 5.5x2x1 cm, finishing with non-toxic varnish (EU/USA standard).The bag includes a 32 pages LiK Catalogue with references and puzzles and also Blu-Tack (half pack) to connect the blocks (an easy way to build objects and toys without tools).All in a lovely 100% zipped eco-cotton canvas made in Vietnam.

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Play with the whole numbers. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9. Fill up the gaps with our LiK wooden blocks or enjoy painting them. Find out how to spell and pronounce each number in Vietnamese and in English. Download for free (by clicking the "Add to Cart" button).

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