Meet people who are behind LiK. A group of professionals highly qualified, motivated, dedicated and committed to make this dream real.

Working hard to do our bit by spreading our core values through LiK: sustainability, generosity, creativity and connecting family and friends.

Tran Ngoc Thuy Giang

"Enterprenuership" at The University of Buckingham (UK). As enterpreuer I started one of the first projects of Touch Vietnam.

"My passion is to develop good, high quality and honest products to bring people closer to each other, appreciate the labor value and respect for the gifts of nature through LiK activities."


LiK House is where I found the value of hand-work. It could be a little contribution to the world but It does make a meaningful impact to connect families and communities together.

"Give solutions - Create Connection - Get Smile"


With 3 years working in the advertising industry and 4 years as marketers , I particularly believe a product has long-term survival if and only if its usefulness not only meet the need of the users, but also solve the challenges of our environment. At LiK Vietnam, we hope our solutions from LiK wood blocks will help you design your own life in eco sustainable way.

"Go go go go ..! :'D".


I started my degree as a Food Engineer, but when I discovered LiK I decided to join in and make useful objects, not just for the society but also to contribute to our environment. From the conceptualization to the design and hand-craft LiK products.

"Not just creative but also useful & eco".

Thai Nhat Huy
Huy Thai

I graduated in International Finance. One day I decided to start a trip from Vietnam to India by bicycle. That experience gave me many lessons about the relationship in between the society and the nature.

"My passion is to create and develop products for sustainable livings."

Nestor Catalan
IT Technician & Strategic Planner

Explorer, enthusiastic and Engineer. I happily worked in advertising for 15 years. Then, I felt that I had to start traveling for a while and I did it. By chance, I met Touch Vietnam and LiK and fell in love with the idea.

"So happy to be part of this team, doing something that matters."

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