General Questions

1. What kind of wood are LiK blocks made of?

We only use wood from sustainable, managed forests and plantations such as Pine wood from New Zealand and Rubber wood in Vietnam and surrounding countries. When you buy a LiK product, you can be assured that the highest levels of ethics have been followed in producing it.

Find out more about our ECO & Sustainability Commitment.

2. Why we need to use both glue and nails?

Nails help these wooden blocks to connect each other and the glue helps to make these connections last longer. If you want to have a product that is long lasting, it is recommended to use both glue and nails.

3. Are our LiK blocks safe for kids?

LiK blocks are made according to the US and UE standard for kids toys. All LiK blocks use eco-friendly varnish, with no sharp edges, making the material not only safe for humans but also for the environment.

4. Can I use a pallet instead of LiK blocks?

Pallets are used as a platform to carry goods. After a long time of exposing to chemicals or contamination of goods, these may cause affection to our health.

You can read more about pallet on this post about pallets in our fan page.

5. Getting Started. Which special skills do I require to play with LiK? Is there a guide for the essential skills that I could check before start playing with LiK?

Please check our Facebook fan page and our YouTube channel to watch video-tutorials for tips, techniques and everything you need to know to play with LiK:

6. How do I start assembling LiK products on my own?

First of all , you should think about your needs and ideas. What type of product do you wish to assemble?

What about the design? What about the size? Is there a special technique required to assemble the product? Check out our group on Facebook (LiK House) to find helpful advices, tips and to ask to the community.

After you have an idea about what you want to do with LiK you can purchase the pieces from our LiK Blocks from our Shop Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or if you need help to get inspired.

7. How many types of LiK blocks are available?

Our LiK blocks combine the two measurement systems: 2, 3 and 5 cm width and 1 cm thick. These numbers correspond to the common measurements of the Golden Ratio proportions and Fibonacci sequence. The length of 11, 22 and 41cm (Luban Ruler).:

LiK 2:

41cm x 2cm x 1cm: LiK 2A
22cm x 2cm x 1cm: LiK 2B
11cm x 2cm x 1cm: LiK 2C


LiK 3:

41cm x 3cm x 1cm: LiK 3A
22cm x 3cm x 1cm: LiK 3B
11cm x 3cm x 1cm: LiK 3C

Find out more about our LiK Blocks.

8. What tools do I need to play and assemble with LiK?

The LiK game only needs: nails, hammer and glue. These accessories are very popular and widely available at your local hardware store. These products are also available in our Tools & Accessories.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need further information. Hotline: 090 180 9000.

9. Are LiK blocks waterproof?

LiK blocks have been carefully varnished to give them a special waterproof treatment which also contain anti-bacterial and bug repellent.

However, the varnish can only help protect the pieces from short exposures to water. LiK products should avoid long exposure to water.

10. Can we use LiK blocks to make outdoor furniture?

LiK blocks are made to build indoor furniture. You can assemble outdoor furniture, however you will need to apply another extra layer of varnish for outdoor. This will minimize the effects of sun and water.

11. What does DIY and LiKer mean?

DIY stands for “Do It Yourself”.

LiKer means a member or fan of the LiK community.

You can ‘follow’ the Facebook and Instagram pages to see regular ideas and creations from the LiK team and other LiKers.

12. How can I become a LiKer?

Everybody can become a LiKer. Just need start playing with LiK.

13. Can I still use LiK if I have no experience in woodworking and D.I.Y.?

Yes! The simplicity and design of LiK makes it easy for beginners to learn to make products in a short time. LiK is for everyone with any woodwork experience level.

Kids, young-adults and adults can enjoy creating LiK products.

Get inspired to make your first DIY product or get inspired checking out our Instagram gallery.

14. Does LiK Vietnam ship to all provinces all over Vietnam?

Yes! LiK is currently shipped all over the Vietnam.

15. Does LiK Vietnam ship overseas?

At the moment LiK Vietnam only delivers in Vietnam. We are working hard to ship our product overseas. Stay tuned!

You can contact us if you're interested and will be in touch when LiK is ready to travel overseas.

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